Charities that accept Car Donations

At everyone will find the right tools for individual online fundraising! Associations and organizations can set up a donation account on our platform, present their project and collect donations online on this own project page. We help clubs with tips and knowledge to use the Internet optimally for themselves and their good cause and to spread their appeal for donations online and offline.

But you can also support clubs, non-profit organizations and other good causes privately by calling for donations! Simply start a fundraising campaign with a car donation for charity donation account and collect donations privately in your area for a good cause. On our website you can also collect donations for yourself or others who are in need due to the Corona Virus, for example. With your betterplace donation page, collecting money  and crowdfunding is easy! There are no limits to your ideas: whether donation marathon, donations instead of gifts for a birthday or shaving a beard for donations - everything is possible!

You only have to provide your name and an email address to collect your donations. The non-profit organization that receives the donations must provide us with their address and, of course, their account details. 

At, donations can only be collected in Germany and Austria as non-profit organizations. In addition, private individuals can start fundraisers for these organizations - for example, for their birthday or for a marathon.

First of all, you and your organization have to register on From there we will help you step by step until your project can be activated. And then it can start! 

Behind every organization are committed people like you. In the sense of transparency, we believe that donors should be able to see these people - so they would much prefer to donate. For you and your online fundraising, a registered profile on is also your access to your project: to apply for donations, to write news, to thank your donors. 

The donations will only be transferred to the account of the non-profit organization that is responsible for the project. 

Everyone who donates on will receive a donation receipt in February of the following year for all donations made in the past year.