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Texas Governor Rick Perry, who stated that Borusan Mannesmann will expand the production activities and set up a steel pipe factory in Baytown, Houston, Texas, said that Texas Enterprise Fund (TEF) supports this investment with $ 1.6 million. Noting that Borusan Mannesmann's factory in Texas will employ 250 people, Perry said:

"Texas is a leader not only in the production of energy for oil and gas supply to cars, homes and businesses, but also in the supply of products and labor that support local drilling work. Competitive incentives such as that of the Texas Enterprise Fund; both from the US and around the world. By making Texas attractive for investors, it will enable them to create jobs in the USA and further strengthen our country's economy. "

Borusan Mannesmann so far in Turkey, Central doante a car huston charity program Europe and North Africa has signed oil and natural gas pipeline projects. Elba Express and Line gained prestige in the US market with 300 natural gas pipeline projects. In the past three years, it has become one of the largest international companies exporting pipes used for oil and gas exploration and extraction to the US market.

The city, which has 7 months of air of the year, is beautiful, 3 months are irresistibly hot, and 2 months of hurricane stress.
The air is fine from November to mid-June. The number of days where you can sit and eat out with a cardigan is very high, especially in February-March. Late June, late August, maybe even the first half of September would be incredibly hot. Being on the street turns into torture. Temperature above 40 degrees, humidity is above 80%, there is adherent air. If you are planning to visit, I recommend that you do not come during this period. Going out of covered places can become torture. Although the hurrican season begins in June, the main severe hurricanes usually take place during the September.
it is usually a boring city. a complete American city. programmable of human social life or activities, or the church or

Borusan Mannesmann, which realized 40 percent of its total exports to the USA, increased its exports to this country, which amounted to 90 million dollars in 2009, to 184 million dollars in 2012 with technical and commercial breakthroughs. This significant increase in exports was a preliminary preparation for Borusan Mannesmann, a strategy to become a strong local player in the market. Borusan Mannesmann received the first prize from Istanbul Mining and Metal Exporters' Associations in 2012 with an export of 503 million dollars.