Low-interest rate automobile loans

More than 350 garage owners have agreed to work without making a profit, and 2,000 people were referred in 2018 to solidarity repair. Renault supplies spare parts at cost and subsidizes part of the bill, which drops from 40 to 60%. But only a third of the repairs are carried out, because the cars are often in poor condition. “Hence the idea of setting up a project to access a reliable vehicle. That is to work car loan program say a new vehicle, because our public cannot take the risk of investing 3,000 euros for an occasion, if it is necessary to borrow six months later for repairs, " says Nicolas Douziech. 

Since June 2016, 400 new Dacia Sandero with a face value of 7,990 euros have been distributed in long-term rental, with a microcredit (via Adie or the Caisses d'Epargne network) and a purchase option. "We finance a vehicle in three or four years at the price of a cash purchase, or 7 to 10% savings," says Nicolas Douziech. The monthly payments can be 90 euros per month over 4 years, while a normal commercial offer would run over 5 years for the same price. Renault is making an effort on the price of the car and on the credit rate. As half of the customers already have a vehicle, the average age of which is 18, they can receive the conversion premium, either 2,000 or 4,000 euros.

The objective is to reach 10,000 cars per year in 2022. A solidarity economy company has been created, Le Club Mobilité, with a representative of Pôle Emploi on the board of directors. His next challenge: to lower the cost of insurance, which is often prohibitive for young drivers.

The first contract was signed by a 32-year-old specialist educator. Nathalie Cojan lives in Lille but has just found a permanent contract near Valenciennes (59). She does not have a car for the 120 km round trip that separates her from her work.

The Hauts-de-France Regional Council lends him for 2 euros per day, therefore a vehicle during his 2-month trial period. It is not a car rented by the Regional Council but part of its own fleet . " The beneficiaries of the RSA do not necessarily have the means to benefit from this type of thing so it is really an interesting help for us ", adds Thierry Dupressoir , director of the Inter- communal Office of Fâches-Thumesnil.

40 vehicles are thus made available to job seekers. But if the number of files fulfilling the conditions of allocation are more numerous, the Regional Council plans to buy used vehicles.